I’m Coming Home

For this assignment I had to tell a story using only sound effects. So I decided to tell the story of me coming home. It starts with a car door closing, someone walking to the door, fumbling with keys and unlocking the door. Then you hear the excitement of a dog who realizes that their person is home. You hear their excited bark followed by the dog treat container opening. Suddenly the dog isn’t excited barking, but now is begging for the cookie. Then as the dog eats their treat you hear foot steps until a computer is turned on. A password is typed in followed by a website and then finally you hear the Webkinz Spree music playing and the track is over. I think that it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like when I walk into my house, minus me telling Cali what a good girl she is for approximately seven minutes and forty eight seconds.


All sounds used, other than Webkinz Spree music, is from freesound.com.


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